How To Be a World Traveling Fashionista!

May 06, 2009

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What is the secret to having fabulous style while vacationing around the world with your family?

 Mozart seems to have a natural instinct for it since babyhood,  although I doubt that it hurts that her mom was a Ford Model many years ago. The title picture  shows her yesterday,  on our terrace in Spain after coming home from school. She picked out the sunglasses, toy phone and  Miss Kitty watch on her own, along with her top and jeans from The Children's Place. I bet you will never guess what her favorite color is!

We have gotten so many compliments about Mozart's fashion sense, including the big star from Japan who used her in their film  for ABC when we were in Croatia. Not to mention all her friends and fans from Youtube where we have had over 2.5 million views like with this one that has gone viral:

One of the first keys to be fashionable while traveling is mix and match color schemes and for Mozart that means an emphasis on black and pink. Black might seem like a strange color for a child, but it is actually quite a popular color for kids here in Europe. It is a fabulous color for travel, but a little girl also needs pink in her life!





Mozart carries all her luggage, so packing light is essential as well as wearing comfortable clothes that don't wrinkle and don't take up much space.This one small carry on bag (plus violin) is all that we each carry even for a month or two of straight travel in 3 seasons of weather. ( That also includes a laptop or two, toiletries  and homeschool supplies besides our clothes!). Layers are essential for piling on when cold and taking off when one gets hot. Mozart picked this pretty in pink, velvet and corduroy ensemble by The Children's Place which we bought in California.

These airport shots were taken during our trip this fall to NYC to see the kids that come with us virtually through Reach The World ( an award winning non-profit) and a visit to California, Utah, Colorado, Paris and Madrid. We took 9 flights and zipped though them all easily, but normally we use other means of transportation. We have been to 4 continents, 29 countries, but only took one long flight to see all of them over a 2 1/2 year time period.

Mozart needs clothes for every type of travel. She has taken cargo ships, over night trains, mass transit, camels, over night buses, bicycles, hiked, sail boats, walked, ferries,  horses,  camels and more! We live large on little, so they must be sturdy, practical and good value, besides being stylish. She definitely gets her wear out of clothes, so being a fashionista doesn't mean one can not also be on a budget. We live large on just 25K a year total for a family of three, so we appreciate value.

Want an example? Look at these clothes that we bought in 2005  for a ski trip to Yosemite in California when Mozart was five.





We bought them on sale at The Children's Place and I must say these turned out to be my favorite pants of all time and I wish I could find more of them. ( I've tried). Note that is a reversable jacket to match and she is 81/2 now and just took the very same jacket to the Sierra Nevada mountains in March. Mozart is a rare, lucky  child who has skiied both Sierra Nevada mountains... in Spain and California!


We brought these pants along with us on our world tour and you'll see she had them on when she turned 6 the following fall in 2006  when we went to the Louvre  and 2 other museums one misty, autumn day. You will see that she wore them a lot because they were perfect for walking around Paris and other places when it was rainy. Above you can see her in Dijon with the same pants on by some colorful fall plants as we took a walk along the river.


Here you can see her at 7 in 2008 near her school in Spain wearing those same favorite pants in April! You will see them scattered all through our blog because she wore them over and over in many different countries at 5, 6, 7 and even 8 years old!

Finally, she out grew these beloved pants, but they were still in such great shape that we passed them onto friends. Oh, and if you think Mozart wears things for a long time, check out DaVinci's Jacket in the ski pictures from 2005. He has had it over 25 years!

It happens that Twittermoms  and The Children's Place are having a contest where we could win 200 dollars worth of clothes. We are big fans of both, so thought, why not enter! Grandma lives nearby a store and can always send them to us where ever we roam! We are legal residents of California, we just like to travel a lot.

Here are a few more shots of our fun loving, world traveling little fashion maven wearing her clothes from The Children's Place!


After school and adding a tiara to one of her favorite outfits as she shares our self imported mac and cheese with a school mate who had never had it before.


Exploring the countryside flowers near her Andalusian school in her black jacket that is idential to the velvet pick jacket with gold double buttons, Nehru collar and embroidered rose on the sleeve. This was taken around Christmas.


Wearing a classic long sleeve tee with a diamond heart and rhinestones around the collar after a swim in our pool the other day and cooking her own lunch that she had with me on the terrace with a nice Med sea view.


Teaching a friend how to use a laptop in her pink and gray, hearts, roses and sparkles top.


Showing the Spanish countryside off to her poodle in a purse that she got for Christmas and loves to take for a walk. She has never had a TV in her life, so I'm not sure where she comes up with this stuff.


Riding her bike around a 15th century village in Spain in her one pair of jeans by The Children's Place and a top we got in Italy last year. Yep, that's the poodle in the purse getting a ride in the basket.


Yes, Mozart even wore her jacket from The Children's Place with her "Pastori" outfit which is the traditional Spanish outfit that the kids wear at Christmas time.She thought it was a perfect match. What do you think? Oh, not a poodle in her pocket, but a sheep to keep with the pastoral and nativity theme.


Am I the only one who has a kid who can yabber away on the phone talking to herself in several languages as if someone is on the phone? She has been doing this for years, yet seems so odd as we almost never use a cell phone.

If I get the most comments I could win a special prize, so please feel free to let me know what you think. Do you have a little fashionista at home? Must be that young blood, as I sure wish I could look as stylish as Mozart with such little effort! Oh my goodness, my baby is becoming a tween before my very eyes!

We've added this to the Photo Friday group at Delicousbaby! Check it out for more cool pics!

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Maria Olsson-Tysor

Very stylish, cute... and a lot of pink! I've got a 5-year old boy who loves pink (only real men can wear pink, right?!) - but his clothing options are very limited so we're sticking with pink karate sparring gear!

Karen (KayKay)

Oh, the pictures are so cute - she does have a great sense of style.

I have two fashionistas. I have no idea where they got it from - because I am a jeans and T-shirts girl through and through - still - at almost 50.

Mine are teens and I'm very impressed with the outfits that they manage to put together. I like the fact that they like to be different and not wear the typical "teen" uniforms.


I love Mozart's fashion sense. Her personality shines through so much that all you ever really see is HER, not exactly what she's wearing - that's a gift that most of us struggle our whole lives to manage!


Mozart's very fortunate. Love the photos and great advice. My sons, now all twenty-somethings, are all jeans and t-shirts types - genetic I think. But I wish I at least was otherwise. I could learn a lot from Mozart.


My six year old is a budding fashionista too, and she does spend a lot of time on her toy cell phone, which is something we don't do on our real ones.Love the pics.


I follow you, virtually, from the beginning of your adventures and it is amazing to see how your Mozart is growing up. My son, 3 years old, is a fan:)
Thank you for sharing your experience.I am from France, but in the US now, and you rae my window on Europe!


Your little girl is so blessed! You are giving her a life that I dream about being able to give my kids one day. What an amazing (and adorable!) little girl. She will grow up to have such a terrific understanding of the world around her. And she certainly has a talent for style! A future in the fashion industry perhaps?


It is tough to look great on the road but your daughter Mozart sure manages too! She is gorgeous and so lucky to do all that traveling at such a young age. Keep up the pink, Mozart!

Sandra Foyt

I miss the days when my daughter would wear Children's Place fashion! I think she had the same white T with the heart rhinestones. The clothes were well made, lasted a long time, and they were fun.

Now that my daughter is a mature Teen, it's hard to find attractive clothes that are decent.

Good luck on winning a shopping spree, $200 can go a long way in a Children's Place sale!


Fabulous pictures, especially the first and the last one. Mozart surely knows how to travel the world like a fashionista!


Wow, so many sweet comments, thanks!

Maria- I love it that your 5yo boy loves pink!

KayKay-Fun that your teens have their own unique style! I use to care about style, but now I just want comfort! ;)

Sarah- Gee, what a sweet compliment! Hey, btw I must learn more about your strange Greek mystery!

Kit-Boys are easier in this department, eh? Mozart has such strong taste that I have to make sure she likes something or it doesn't get worn like a beautiful outfit we got in Italy, that some how she finds "scratchy". Um, would have been nice to tell me that BEFORE we bought it! ;)

Sharon- Thanks for passing it along on Twitter! Your 6yo sounds adorable & glad to hear she loves her phone too!

Catherine- Thanks for letting me know! Kids really do seem to love following Mozart's story & it is a benefit that we never quite expected. I think it makes the places more real to them.

Mozart is growing fast, but she is still much tinier than the pictures show & a super skinny mini! She is 8 1/2 now and a size 5/6 that fall off her! lol! We love France & have more stories coming from there from last year.

Laura- Thanks for your kind words. I surely hope you can do this as it is a wonderful experience & my passion is to let others know it is doable for ordinary folks! Mozart has so many talents, it is hard to say what she will end up doing, but I know she will have fun with it no matter what she chooses. ;)

Travelogged- Thanks! It IS tough to look good on the road. Mozart takes after her dad and always looks neat. Meanwhile, I always seem to look a little disheveled. ;)

Sandra-Thanks! Boy, they sure grow fast, don't they? Some how I didn't think ahead to how it might get harder as she gets older. Oh no! ;) I really couldn't resist this contest with all The Children's Place & stories that we have. I hope we win too! ;)


Wow! Miss Mozart sure does have a natural sense of style! (Better than mine at 20 years old, I'd say!) Natural class :)

Hope you win the contest! Let us know!


Erica- Thanks, those are my favorite photos too!

Flickrlovr- Aw, thanks & we will let you know if we win. I think the contest is over on the 15th of May.

Amy @ The Q Family

Good luck and hope you win the contest!

She sure is one of the most fashionable and most travelled kid!


To say that this post (& video) is inspiring is an understatement! What a family!


Cute outfits! And she gets so much wear out of them. Makes me want to check out my own closet to see what I've been ignoring all of these years!


The Pastori outfit is precious, you did a wonderful job on your pics and blog! Thank you for sharing.


Thanx for sharing some of Mozart's fashion secrets! But as lovely as the clothes are, it is her beauty and spirit that really shine through in these photos. We too are lovers of Children's Place. And my 5 yo girl is like Mozart - she just keeps wearing the same clothes for years - she has clothes she was wearing at 3 that fit her fine at 5 and a half. The pants just become capris!

Bridget Smith

Enjoyed your post. Congratulations on winning the Twittermoms Contest. You had a truly unique take on the subject.

Heather in BC

Your Mozart is adorable and a serious fashionista. I think she could teach me a LOT about packing lightly!

Lovely pictures :)

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